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Originally formed in Arlington, Texas, in 2005 by Darrell’s friends and family, the organization has now grown to having six nationwide chapters. Each chapter hold it’s own event, and all proceeds go directly to The RFD Scholarship Fund. Their current chapters include: Dallas, Ft Worth, Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida,, Nashville and the UK



Ride For Dime Inc, a 501 (c) 3, charitable organization, honors the lives of guitar hero and friend, "Dimebag" Darrell Abbott, Jeff Thompson, Nathan Bray, and Erin Halk. Ride for Dime has proudly given back to charities that were of interest to Darrell during his life as well as charities he would have been proud to be a part of, like IAVA. In 2010, we started planning  and began raising funds our own "Ride for Dime Scholarship Fund and are well on our way with the addition of our new chapters.

What is the Ride For Dime Scholarship?

In the interest of continuing music education for children, we decided that we should pursue beginning our own Scholarship Fund.

Once we raise the required amount to be active in awarding scholarships, we have a plan in place on how we will award them. Each year, we will award two eighth grade students scholarships, based on their academic grades, as well as their involvement in a music program.

The amount of the scholarship will depend upon the amount of money we raise. We plan toaward these in the respective cities, which have Ride For Dime Chapters.

Year one will be Dallas. Year two will be Philadelphia, and so on. We have to reach our needed goal, but get closer each year. We look forward to the day we do reach our goal,and are able to award a scholarship, in the name of Darrell Abbott. How cool would that be?

Originally formed in Arlington, Texas, in 2005 by Darrell's friends and family, the organization has now grown to having six national and one international chapter. Each chapter will hold it's own event, and all proceeds go directly to our RIDE FOR DIME supported charities. Our current chapters include: Dallas, Fort Worth,Philadelphia, Chicago, Florida, Nashville and London,UK. We have many inquiries for more states and cities, as well as international interest. We are certain this organization will continue to grow and prosper, at a rapid rate.

"All your information and everything you need to know about is at Ride for Dime dot Org, not dot Com, dot Org, and check it out and come on out and celebrate my brother's life. He was a beautiful man and great person and Ride for Dime has their heart in the right place" – Vinnie Paul Abbott

I am very honored & very proud to be working with such a great heart felt group of people here at the Ride for Dime! They are the most selfless, respectful crew of guys I've had the privilege to work with when it comes to the remembrance of "Dimebag" Darrell! I am very excited to be a part of this organization & I hope with all of everyone's continued support we can make these events continue to grow across the nation! Bless you for all your efforts in keeping Dime's memory alive & I hope all of our events can put a smile on your face knowing that you supported some great causes; most of all showed your love for a very kind man... Mr. Dimebag Darrell! Thank you! To the Pink Beard in the sky! Cheerz! -Rita Haney


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